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18 cool gifts for any kind of FATHER

  1. For the Strummer Father 

Whether your Father is an amazing guitarist or just a casual strummer, it is definitely a splendid idea to get him a custom made a guitar.

  1. Modern art? Why not!

Get your Father a wall painting and let him hang it over his bed in the bedroom! It will give his room a new look for sure.

  1. Instant camera

This is a thoughtful Fathers day gift who loves to capture memories and events. This will surely be treasured and used the most.

  1. Fancy portable speaker

Let your cool Father keep the party on with the music from this lovely Bluetooth enabled portable speaker. This speaker also has a long battery life.

  1. Woody scented candle

This can be a room or a desk décor for your Father. This woody aroma is masculine at the same time relaxing and gives a soothing effect after a hard day’s work.

  1. Classy leather briefcase

This is a best-suited gift for your hardworking Father. This briefcase will complete his 9 to 5 businessman look in the trendiest way.

  1. Grooming Kit

This grooming kit will have a shaving soap, shaving brush, three blade razor and an aftershave lotion. This will make his day and build his confidence level too.

  1. Handy coffee machine

You Father need not complain about his coffee anymore. He can make it the way he wants it with this amazing portable handy coffee machine.

  1. Branded watch

You might be adding to his collection of watches. However, the watch you gift will be the watch he wants to wear every day.

  1. Tie pin

You can gift your Father a dollar sign tie pin or his favorite aircraft shaped. There is much gold plated tie pins available online for you to choose from.

  1. Personalized styling service

You can buy your Father a complete styling service without letting him go to the store. This service would include a pair of jeans and a shirt, a wallet, pair of shoes, leather belt, a t-shirt, a jacket, etc.

  1. A bicycle

Your Father loves to keep fit in many of his own ways. Why not give him a statement cycle and help him sweat it out.

  1. Sports t-shirt

Add to your Father’s sports tees collection with a funky sports t-shirt. This t-shirt will have an edge to make heads turn.

  1. Insulated bottle

Keep your Father hydrated during the day with a thoughtful insulated water bottle. This will keep reminding him about you too!

  1. Fancy swimwear

Buy your Father a printed swimwear to make his vacation more stylish and relaxed.

  1. Fashionable cardigan

This is for a Father who is style conscious and at the same time has a flair for old fashion. He is the man who appreciates the finer things in life.

  1. Pajamas

Make your Father feel cozy at night with the comfortable pajamas. You can buy a branded set online and say I love you Father.

  1. Garment care kit

This garment care kit will have everything that you need to take care of the garments like wash and stain bar, spray for stiffening, spray to keep the fabric fresh, static solution and crease release. 

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